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Our engineers strive to achieve innovative and economical state-of-the-art designs, and pride themselves in their ability to keep up-to-date in this rapidly evolving discipline.  

We make extensive use of advanced structural analysis and building modelling tools for the design of structural elements; this results in an expedient, efficient, and complete analysis and design of the structure. Sophisticated analysis and design software such as S-Frame Enterprise, S-Concrete, S-Steel, B-Line, spSlab, WoodWorks, Revit and many others are used the preparation or our designs. In addition, our firm possesses in-house expertise in the development of specialized computer software to deal with specific design conditions, thus enabling us to prepare more efficient and accurate designs since we do not have to rely on off-the-shelf software packages which may not be specifically tailored to a particular design situation.

Our office makes extensive use of the advanced three-dimensional modelling capabilities of AutoCAD and Revit Structure.  This technology is used in the generation of thorough and detailed construction documents. In our business, we must often convey the intent of our designs in the form of drawings; these advanced computer-assisted modelling systems allow us to do this in a state-of-the-art fashion. This results in more complete, accurate and detailed drawings, images and representations than ever before possible.

However, the benefits afforded by the use of advanced technology cannot replace sound engineering judgement and experience. The most efficient design possible is of no use if it is too difficult or impractical to construct. Our engineers have a wealth of experience and pride themselves on their ability to prepare highly efficient and practical designs. On competitive design proposals, fabricators and contractors seek our advice because they are aware of the efficiency of our designs. Insurance companies, government agencies, and major developers retain our firm to conduct structural investigations and audits because they have found that our reports and recommendations are thorough, accurate and practical, and are suitable for use in litigations.

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